7 Life-Altering Tips for Winter Exercise Motivation

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Are you struggling with how to motivate yourself first thing in the morning, struggling to get into your jeans or struggling to get yourself up and to the gym lately? These 7 tips are extremely helpful to fight the laziness. 

In winter, the days are getting shorter, the nights are way cooler and I'm sure snoozing under those warm woolly blankets sounds way more appealing than an early morning gym visit, right? Well, I hear you and honestly I do it too (every so often). But while you're on this train of thought and not feeling motivated, remember this: getting into those tight jeans will only get harder and harder, I promise you. It's something of a skill to motivate yourself.

1. Book your weekly workouts into your diary

Once a week, on a Sunday, I look at my calendar and book in my workouts based on my diary events and work meetings. Once these are locked in, it creates a routine and it helps to manage your time better.

winter exercise motivation

2. Mix up your workouts and their locations
Nothing is more boring than doing the same workout in the same location. Try choosing a different backdrop and alternating your workouts, such as swapping between the beach, park, or tennis courts. For me, I love practicing yoga on the beach. Not only is it an excellent workout thanks to the soft sand, but having the ocean as your backdrop will motivate you to come back again next time.

winter exercise motivation


3. Go to bed early
Scientific studies show that we're supposed to wake when the sun rises and go to bed when the sun goes down. But because we lead such busy lives, this is often too difficult to achieve. However, aiming to get to bed at an early hour will not only help you to rise easier in the am, but your muscles will be able to recover more quickly, which means you'll start to see faster changes to your body shape.


4. Look stylish and dress the part
I often say that if I dress the part and look good, then I feel more inclined to work out. Wearing the right tech-fit apparel that moves with my body and stays in place lets me focus more of my energy on my workout rather than pulling up the tights that have slid down my backside.

 winter exercise motivation


5. Seeing results is what drives you
It's a major motivator. So get out of bed and get on that mat. After a change in workout, I often start to see results after a couple of weeks. And the determination to look and feel better is kind of addictive.


6. Get inspired by reading online health and fitness sites
There are plenty out there and just clicking through the many pages of inspirational images is one of my favourite ways to motivate myself to get fit. It always works a treat.


7. Exercising makes you high (literally)
Believe it or not, exercising increases those happy feelings called endorphins. Some people just run for miles and miles to get that runners high feeling. It's addictive, and trust me, once you've experienced it, you'll only want more.


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