How to look after your jewellery in Summer

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With summer fast approaching and the sun starting to beam, there are some quick tips you should take to ensure your jewellery stays sparkly throughout the season.

  1. Cream, Sprays & Lotions

Always remove jewellery before applying lotions or creams —over time, they can build up a film on your jewels and leave them looking dull. This means your jewels won’t be as brilliant as they used to be.  Don’t put them back on until your skin is completely dry and the product has absorbed into your skin.

jewellery care

  1. Swim, Sun and Surf

Chlorine - avoid any contact between jewellery and chlorine, completely if possible. Chlorine (and other chemicals and minerals frequently used in pools) can change the sheen or finish on your gems. And over time, they can cause more serious corrosion that contributes to the breakdown of precious metals and stones.

If contact with chlorine cannot be avoided, always rinse jewellery post-swim with fresh, lukewarm water. Mild detergent soap or ammonia may be added too.

Saltwater - can be just as damaging as chlorine. Salt is corrosive to copper, which means exposure to rose gold is a big no-no.

Sand — can cause scratching and abrasions on plating and stones. Remember to remove rings, bracelets and any other jewellery that will come in contact with sand as it can scratch metals and cause wear and tear.

  1. Organization is the key when traveling.

When jumbled together, your jewellery doesn’t always get along. For example, a diamond can scratch a pearl, and a bracelet can get caught on a necklace, so always pack pieces in individual soft cloth pouches or lined jewellery boxes to prevent scratching and tangling of chains.

Jewellery care

  1. Cleaning

Jewellery should be cleaned when taken off at the end of the day. Body oils and sweat dulls shine and tarnishes the plating. Take a soft cloth to your jewellery and polish all the pieces, ensuring your jewellery looks as new as the day you purchased it.

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