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How to store jewellery, how to display jewellery, how to travel with jewellery, how to wear jewellery – just some of the jewellery related questions we ask ourselves here at Pica LéLa all the time! Read on for some of our hints and tips!

1. Jewellery Storage Ideas

From stacking bracelets on bottles to displaying your necklaces and earrings using branches, add some sparkling points of interest and colour to your room by putting your jewelled treasure on display.  Creative right?  Click HERE for some more fun ideas!

Jewellery storage ideasJewellery Storage Ideas


2. Traveling with Jewellery

I’m sure everyone has their hints and tips for transporting their jewellery – either day to day in your handbag or going away for the weekend.  Here are some of my faves.

A. First of all, if you are traveling with expensive jewellery then I recommend that you get insurance and also, be sure to pack it into your hand luggage and not in your checked in luggage in case this gets lost.

B. For day to day traveling I recommend having a soft pouch on hand.Jewellery Pouch Storage

C. For weekend getaways or longer trips, perhaps invest in a jewellery roll to keep your jewellery together, safe and clean.

D. You can also use any small boxes that you have, for example, you can clean out used lip balm holders or a popular one is to use a 7 day pill box. Bonus points for arranging what day you will wear your jewellery and storing accordingly;-)  Check out your local chemist to buy one.

Jewellery Storage Ideas

E. Ever get to your destination and all of your necklaces are tangled into one big knot!? If this happens to you then once you get to point 5 and our Useful Jewellery Hacks you will know how to handle it.  BUT to prevent it in the first place try slipping one side of your chain into a plastic straw to keep the sides apart.

3. Necklace Length Guide

Ever get confused when shopping online for a necklace and it says it is 20” length or matinee length?  Me too!  If so, then check out this simple picture below to help you on your next shopping expedition.

Necklace Length Guide


4. Choosing Necklaces for Necklines

I could write a whole blog about what jewellery to wear and what jewellery not to wear with different outfit shapes…but a picture is worth a thousand words right!?  So here’s your quick Go To guide when choosing what necklace to wear with what shaped top.

type of necklace to wear guide


5. How to Keep your Jewellery from Tarnishing

Tarnished jewellery is not the sparkling sight that we wish to see when we open our jewellery box.  We want to keep our jewels as radiant and beautiful as when we first purchased them.  Click HERE to read some hints and tips to help prevent that unwanted corrosion. 

how to prevent jewellery from tarnishing


6. Useful Jewellery Hacks

What a great video I found on You Tube.  8 great tips or jewellery hacks that I guarantee you will find useful everyday.  Click HERE to view.

jewellery hacks


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