Mamma Knows Best - Top Beauty and Health tips I learned from Mum

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As Mother’s day approaches, and the older I get the harder it becomes to get a present that truly represents the gratitude I have for my mum. Not only has she taught me the fundamentals that shaped the individual I am today but most of my beauty and health routines are because Mum told me so, and as time has proven Mamma truly knows best.  Here are the top beauty and health tips that I learned from mum.

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Less is more

Not only is it beneficial for your skin both for the short and long term, but a simple look can also make as much of statement, when done right. My mum has always said to us growing up, if you want to wear a bright lip colour, make sure to tone down the eyes, therefore oozing elegance and creating a timeless look. This is also reflected in her daily makeup routine which consists only of a neutral lipstick colour and adding eye makeup on special occasions only. I, although wear makeup more often than her, aim for a simple everyday look and try to give my skin a break any chance I get, as I have noticed if I wear makeup for a number of consecutive days, I tend to break out more easily. Plus, at 55 my mum has amazing skin and is often mistaken for my sister, so she must be doing something right! 

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Water is the cure for all

My mum always stressed the importance of being healthy and believes drinking water is crucial for glowing skin and a healthy lifestyle. She wakes up every morning and before eating has already consumed around 8 cups of water. Even if I have a headache or I am feeling fatigue my mum always recommends water as it is important to avoid dehydration but is also a great way of detoxing your body of all toxins.

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Everything in moderation

My mum after 7 kids, is still able to wear the clothe she had 20 years ago and is regularly in my room trying to wear my clothes. She believes that it is all about balance and having everything in proportions. Yet she never restricts herself and enjoys desserts, just not the whole menu. 

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When life hands you Lemon, use it!

Lemon just like water is another crucial part of my daily routine because of my mum. Every morning I cannot start my day without a cup of warm water with Lemon. This not only helps the digestive system but also rehydrates the body, and gives me the energy to start my day.  Also another trick my mum taught me was scrubbing lemon on your knees and elbows which helps reduce the darkness on those areas. 

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Baby Powder

Baby Powder makes for the perfect substitute for dry shampoo. Sprinkle a small amount on the roots of your hair and comb it through. For better result put it in before you sleep and you will wake up with refreshed hair. Another use of Baby powder I picked up from my mum, is to sprinkle baby powder in your flats before wearing them, and the powder will absorb sweat throughout the day and eliminate chances of bad odor.

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These are some of the endless beauty and health tips my mum has passed on and for that I am grateful every day. So make sure to remind your mum how much you love her this mother’s day and don't forget to tell her, that she truly knows best!  

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