5 everyday beauty things that you are doing wrong!

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1. Painting your nails
Want to make sure your nails are smudge free and beautiful?  Follow this step by step guide to flawless nails.
Tip:  Dip your nails in cold water for a couple of minutes after polish application to help set faster (not directly under the faucet though as it may smudge!).
2. Washing Your Hair
  1. Using too much shampoo. Think that less lather = less clean hair.  False!  In fact, using too much shampoo to increase the lather can stop shampoo from cleansing your hair fully.
  2. Not using enough water. You need to let your hair soak for 2-3 minutes before shampooing to open your cuticles and allow for a deeper cleanse.
  3. Skipping conditioner? Bad idea.  Hair loses natural oils when being washed so applying conditioner is a must.  It will also help to reduce breakage when combing and drying your hair later too.

For more tips see http://www.lifemartini.com/7-hair-washing-mistakes-that-cost-your-hair-dearly/

3. Applying Perfume

Lots of people don't realize that you shouldn’t rub your wrists together when applying perfume.  This breaks down the fragrance molecules which results in uneven development and poor wear, i.e. it won’t last as long.  Spray wrists separately and then touch together gently if you need to.

4. Hair Pins

Enough said.  This picture says it all.  That’s 3 decades of wearing bobby pins incorrectly for me!

5. Applying Makeup

Are you matching your makeup to your chest instead of your face?  If not you should be!  Using concealer on your spots?  Wrong!  Click below for some great back to beauty basics from Cosmo.


P.S. Now that I am on the topic, here is another thing that I realized that I was doing wrong recently!

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