5 Tips on Creating the Perfect Race Day Outfit

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Want to show off the beautiful dresses you bought or received during Christmas or the New Year sales, Race Day is an excellent choice! 


Read on for our tips on planning the perfect race-day outfit, with a few friendly suggestions for those all important accessories!


Mind your Lines


We love a good mini-skirt or plunging-neckline as much as the next girl, but when it comes to Race Day, be sure to watch your lengths. The Melbourne Racing Club cautions: "Show off your best assets, but remember to keep it modest. Hemlines should be lowered rather than shortened." The ideal racewear hemline is just above or on the knee. If you want to still feel womanly, try a dress with a high neck, but a low cut back — sexy chic is a better call!

Dress codes for world-class race festivals such as Royal Ascot have undergone considerable revision in recent years in an effort to restore class to these historic events. Canberra's Thoroughbred Park hit the nail on the head, when they said: "Ladies, if you would wear it to a nightclub, chances are it's not suitable for the racecourse." You're going for classic elegance here. 


Simply Classic

Have you noticed how Kate Middleton almost always steers clear of busy patterns when attending formal events, yet still manages to outrank her counterparts in the style stakes? Her secret is co-ordinated simplicity and sticking with two or three colours to maintain a simple classic look.  It may seem conservative, but you can easily add a little more elegance to the look with impactful gold accessories. 


Invest in a Stylish Head piece

Whether it's a fascinator, a headband, a top hat or a fedora, headwear is an absolute must for racing events. Not only can you dust off some of your favourite hats, it's also the perfect opportunity to style your hair in an elegant up-do.

Fascinators come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. From French berets to floaty Bowie corsages, there's no end to the variety of beautiful styles to choose from. If you're tall, it's wise to choose something like a French beret or Bowie fascinator that won't add the illusion of more height, whereas if you're average height or under, you are more likely able to pull off an alice band with a fabulously large organza bow! 


Embrace Vintage Trends

Racing is one of the few times in the year when hipsters, preppies and mainstreamers alike join fashion forces to pay tribute to the styles of yesteryear. So bust out your mother's favourite pearls, a pair of satin gloves and a classic cloche hat for a sophisticated look that never goes out of style.

If your outfit is fairly simple and tailored, you can afford to be a little adventurous; perhaps opting for a little femininity whilst also embracing the trend for chunky statement pieces. Conversely, if you're wearing a tea dress or a strapless number, accented drop earrings will add polish to your look.   

A winning outfit is all about the details!


Bring your flats

A six-inch stiletto can spell certain misery when you pair them with a twelve hour race day. As Brisbane Racing Club suggests: "Opt for comfortable shoes appropriate for standing on grass. Think wedges, flats or designer sandals rather than stilettos." Avoid walking out the gates barefoot by packing fold-up ballet flats into your clutch!

 Have a wonderful day and share your fabulous look with us!


Reference: ninemsn.com

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