How to Prolong the Plating of your Rose Gold Jewellery

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The What and Why of rose gold plating.

The What...

Plating is a process whereby a piece of jewellery made of a particular metal or alloy is covered with a layer of another metal.  People will often choose to purchase plated gold jewellery as it is less expensive than buying pure gold.  And let’s face it, with fashion and jewellery styles forever changing if you are anything like me you prefer to purchase lots of different types of jewellery than having just a couple of choice pieces.

The Why...

Rose gold is a blend of copper and yellow gold which results in a romantic blush tone hue. It’s just effortless chic.  It’s good for all season wear.  It’s feminine.  It’s romantic.  It offsets the Winter blues and celebrates the blossom of Springtime.  It works on both fair and dark skin tones, so perfect if you want a versatile metal. 


How to Prolong the plating of your rose gold jewellery.

1. Do not wear your jewellery swimming or in the shower.

2. Try not to wear exercising as sweat can wear the plating.

3. Wash your hands before putting on or taking off your jewellery.

4. Put on your jewellery after you have applied your perfume and any creams or lotions have dried in.

how to prolong plating on your jewellery

5. Try not to wear sleeping as continuous rubbing/movement can wear the finish more quickly.

6. Remove when doing any household chores or activities that involve the use of chemicals.

7. Store in a protective box, soft pouch or wrapped in tissue paper where it is not in contact with other jewellery.  You may store your Pica LéLa jewellery in the Pica LéLa jewellery gift box. Or this nice soft velvet jewellery pouch. 

How to store your jewellery


How to Clean your plated jewellery

To clean use a soft jewellery cloth gently.  If required, then you may wash in warm water with no detergent if possible and gently with a soft toothbrush if you need to remove dirt from crevices.

How to clean your jewellery


How Long will my rose gold plated jewellery last?

This really depends on a number of variables such as the thickness of the plating, how you use it (for example if you follow the directions above in how to prolong the plating), how you store it etc.  Rings and bracelets will wear faster than necklaces as they are continuously rubbing against objects throughout the day.  However, there is good news for anybody that purchases Pica LéLa jewellery.

Pica LéLa maintains a very high standard on quality control and therefore provides up to a 5 year international warranty from the original date of purchase for necklaces and earrings and 1 year for bracelets, rings and other accessories.  To obtain this 5 year international warranty, please register as a Pica LéLa member and just keep your receipt as proof of purchase.  If anything goes wrong, all you need to do is email us with a copy of the receipt and a photo of the item and we will replace free of charge.

If you have any questions on rose gold plated jewellery or any other jewellery related questions then please do not hesitate to contact us on and we will do our best to help you :-)


rose gold jewellery australia

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