Fashion on a Budget – New Year, New Savings, New Fashionable You!

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So here’s our 2015 fashion resolution for you - Spend less, look great, live more!

1. Haute Couture Look for Less

Don’t have the bank account to recreate the look of an A list celebrity?

The secret to looking stylish isn’t all about your wardrobe.  Accessories are key!

Fashion jewellery is a fantastic way of updating your wardrobe and transforming old or outdated outfits into trendy ones…but without the big cash outlay.  It’s an affordable fashion fix at your fingertips!

Here at Pica LéLa, we have lots of different collections with an array of styles to suit different tastes and occasions. See our executive range for an update to your work wardrobe.  


Cubic Zirconia is a great alternative to diamonds – with great colour options, great clarity and, best of all, a great price.  See our newly launched Victoria range for some great CZ picks. 

Rose gold adds an exclusive high end feel to any outfit and is reinforced in fashion’s haute couture with Dior, Cartier, Bvlgari and Chanel all showing a penchant for rose gold.  For your rose gold fix, see just about any of our collections, with our most popular rose gold pieces found in our Esmeralda and Blossom collections. Get your rose gold fix now! 


2. Swapsie Party!

Ladies – It is time to raid your bestie’s wardrobe!

That black tote that you have been lugging around every day that you are sick of the sight of?  That Little Black Dress that is that eensy bit tight on you right now?  Those nude shoes that you absolutely had to have, only to realize that you have 3 more pairs that even you can’t tell the difference between now? 

Now is the time to release them to a happy home if even for a short time and bag yourself some sparkly new items in return…and before you start saying that you couldn’t possibly part with them…hey, it doesn’t have to be forever.  Put a time limit on it.  Better still, organize a monthly swap party with a group of friends.  With all that money you guys are saving on not shopping, I’m sure there is a reason for a well deserved bottle of wine and take out in there somewhere.


3. Clothing Exhange

A step up from your swap party and you have the concept of Clothing Exchange.

If you are happy to say goodbye permanently to some of your previous purchases, you can bring your ex. wear, new or preworn/pre-loved items to a swap event or swap online.  Think of it as recycling or being fashionable sustainably!

See as an international option and which allows you to swap accessories, shoes, clothes and even books.  If you don’t fancy trawling through pages online and you prefer to find out where your local exchange event is taking place, see where I found 90 groups across 73 cities in 11 countries!


4. Rent That Dress

Have a wedding to go to but all of the invited guests have seen just about every dress you own?  Have a black tie affair and don’t want to shop on a budget? 

Some great like-minded people have set up dress rental services in lots of major cities so get Googling for your nearest one now!  It takes all of the hassle and a lot of the cost out of shopping for that big event.

For those of you in Australia, I recommend  If you can’t choose which dress you like, you have the option to pay $30 to receive 3 dresses for you to try on before you choose.  They also have a fit guarantee so if your dress doesn’t fit they will send you out a new one free of charge or give you a full refund of the rental cost.

Another option is  They allow you to select a second back up size for free.  Most dress rental services include delivery and dry cleaning in the fee so the price you see is the price you pay.


5. Bag that bargain

So with the New Year brings the inevitable New Year Sales.  Although it might seem like a bit of a nightmare right now to have to crowd surf the New Year Sales at your favourite fashion haunt – it might just be worth the hassle and save you some pounds.  I do know of some people that buy their Christmas decorations in January for the following year, saving up to 90% of the original cost.  I’m not that organized BUT if you do need some work suits, your go to handbag is falling apart at the seams or you do have a wedding to go and you don’t want to rent (point 4 above) and you really don’t have anything to wear, then the sales may be your best bet of buying something without spending the big bucks. 


To be sure that you are kept updated with our Pica LéLa spot sales, make sure you register for our newsletter and we will send you alerts so that you don’t miss out. 

What’s more, we will give you a $30 voucher just for signing up!

Happy New Year fellow fashionistas!

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