Gift Guide for Valentine's Day

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Giving that first special piece of jewelry can be exciting, but it can also be a landmine of potential mistakes. Take rings, for instance. If you are not ready to get engaged, then presenting her with a ring box on the most romantic holiday of the year could be problematic. You may want to steer clear of rings unless you are ready to get engaged; but if it feels right for you as a couple, then Valentine’s Day is a great day to do it.

Necklaces are nice

Necklaces are an excellent choice for almost any Valentine’s Day situation. Married for a while and getting the feeling she is long overdue for a special Valentine’s Day gift? Discover more at our Valentine’s collection.

Heart shape

If your girl is the romantic type, she is sure to love jewellery with a heart. A heart necklace, bracelet or earring ensures your message of love is unmistakable. Whether her taste runs to clean, modern design, or is more Victorian in nature, there is a heart motif to make her own heart beat faster.


Color of love

Gemstones are another type of symbolism in which to look to for inspiration. Rubies, and their rich red colour, have traditionally been the gift of love and affection.


We are linked

Start with a gift concept. What is it you want to say with your gift? Consider a concept like “linked.” Think “we are linked together by love.” Or “we will stay linked together forever.” What type of gift supports this concept? Items that twist around one another are great symbols of how you are entwined together. For instance:


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