What’s In My Bag? – Pica Lela Edition

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Hey Pica Lela fans, thought it may be a good idea to take you inside my handbag and the things I can never leave the house without.  I know what you’re thinking, this has been done numerous times, but if you are anything like my nosy self, I’m intrigued each time.  Here are the top things you can never catch me without!

whats in my bag, sneak peek

The Necessities – Wallet and Keys

Naturally my wallet and keys never leave my bag, and if they do they are usually the first two things I grab.  I’m also trying to get into the habit of carrying cash more often, because there is nothing worse than showing up to your favourite café for coffee to find out you don’t have cash and they have a minimum on Eftpos.

Phone and Headphones

This one is pretty self-explanatory and I’m sure I’m not the only one who does everything on their phone, and if my phone is not in bag, it’s in my hand. In other words, my phone is always on me.

Spare Charger

Like I said above my phone is always on me so I'm always running out of battery. 


My sunglasses are necessary if I’m walking around especially on those sunny days and more importantly when I’m driving. Additionally, besides their health benefits, sunglasses are an essential accessory each girl should add to her wardrobe.

Diary and Pen

It is important to be organised and have a clear idea of my schedule and especially being very forgetful, I need to write everything down. Therefore, I make sure to have my diary with me every day and I always ensure the diary I buy each year has extra writing space, for additional notes.  


Because no one is as honest to you as yourself.

Makeup Bag - The essentials 

My daily beauty routine is very minimal, however I like to always have my foundation, concealer, blush and mascara on me.  I also have my signature lipstick colour for those days I want to give my skin a break. My current obsession is my Matte Mac lipstick ‘Velvet Teddy’.

 makeup bag, mac lipstick, nude , nars, mascara , foundation


If I’m not in the mood to listen to music, and I’m anxious about something, reading usually calms me down. It also not a bad idea to continuously stimulate the brain and expand your vocabulary, because your brain needs as much ‘exercise’ as your body does.  

‘Emergency Kit’

My ‘Emergency Kit’, basically has everything required to prepare me for an emergency- well at least my definition of it. The travel size bag has hand sanitizer, tissues, wipes, deodorant/perfume (travel size), mint/gum, Panadol, Paw Paw and Band Aids. Did I miss anything?

emergency bag, wipes, hand sanitizer, paw paw, mint , perfume ,deodorant

Beauty ‘Emergency Kit’

This kit includes a nail file, tweezers, extra hair tie and bobby pins and a small pair of scissors. You would be surprised the amount of times this kit has been used.

beauty kit

Now that you have had a peek, I think it is clear that I like to be prepared for all life has to throw at me, whether it’s in a 5 minute time period or a 9-hour work day.  Sure my bag is heavy most times, but when you need extra a wipe because you spilled coffee on your shirt or a nail file because you broke your nail, you know who to come to ;-)

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