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Did you know that Pica LéLa has been well established in the duty free market for well over a decade? Well it’s true!  And our latest collection Enchanted is mesmerizing passengers all over the world as it flies high on our home airline Qantas along with other much loved airlines including Singapore Airlines, Korean Air, Hong Kong Airlines, Jetstar Japan, Eva Air, Silk Air and Air Macau.

Enchanted Jewellery Collection

“Passion in Movement.” 
The Enchanted Collection is a play of light and motion. The main stone’s intense sparkle dances with a perpetual movement, enchanting the beholder and setting the heart aflutter.


A stunning feature of this collection is that the center stone flutters when the pendant is hanging straight. 

There is a dual inspiration for Enchanted.  The fluttering of the center stone reflects the intricate movement visible in the art of ballet, the grace and quickness, the inherent beauty and freedom.  In parallel, it reflects the mesmerizing feeling that you the observer have on watching this intricate dance, the quickening of your heartbeat, and accordingly, your Enchantment.

Pica LeLa Jewellery Enchanted Collection Omega Necklace

See the full range here and just click on the videos to watch each necklace dance and sparkle!


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