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As we excitedly prepare to launch our latest collections at the next TFWA exhibition (Tax Free World Association) in Singapore next month I thought I would give you, our Pica LéLa fans, a sneak peek at what we will launch at the show.  You can’t start shopping the range just yet, but don’t worry, we will let you know as soon as they are available!

Our main launch will be of the new Enchanted collection.  A stunning feature of this collection is that the center stone flutters when the pendant is hanging straight.  Watch a clip here!

There is a dual inspiration for Enchanted.  The fluttering of the center stone reflects the intricate movement visible in the art of ballet, the grace and quickness, the inherent beauty and freedom.  In parallel, it reflects the mesmerizing feeling that you the observer have on watching this intricate dance, the quickening of your heartbeat, and accordingly, your Enchantment. 

Pica LeLa Jewellery Enchanted Collection

What’s more, The Pica LéLa team is also excited to showcase a preview of another upcoming collection, Utopia, a natural paradise on earth and a story of the brands natural wonderland, Australia.  Inspired by the Australian flora, this collection depicts the floral emblems of Australia. 

Here are some behind the scenes pics from design through to the finished pieces.  This collection owes a big thanks to Maggie Zhang here at Pica LéLa who designed this beautiful collection.

Pica LeLa Jewellery Utopia Collection Creative Process

                               Pictured above: The creative process in action.

Pica LeLa Jewellery Team Behind The Scenes Utopia Collection

Pictured above: Refining the initial design sketches. That’s Maggie Zhang on the far left!

Pica LeLa Jewellery Behind The Scenes Utopia Collection

Pictured above: Design sketch of 'Darling Rose' and the finished piece.

My personal favorite is definitely the stunning Darling Rose which is actually the floral emblem of the Northern Territory of Australia, the Desert Rose flower.  With its distinctive pink colouring it makes for a striking piece.  Every piece found its heritage in our native Australia. 

Pica LeLa Jewellery Utopia Collection Darling Rose Desert RosePica LeLa Jewellery Utopia Collection Darling Rose Desert Rose

Watch this space and we will bring you more on the new collection and the launch direct from Singapore!


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