Top Jewellery Tips for your Wedding Day

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You found the perfect dress, the perfect reception and hopefully the perfect man, but do you have the perfect jewellery? It may not be true for all girls, but many picture and dream of their wedding day growing up. Leading up to the day, however all the planning and decision making can be overwhelming. Here at Pica Lela we may not be able to help you find the perfect man but we can help you in choosing the right jewellery. Here are few jewellery tips for your wedding day.

Statement Pieces are Essential 

Try choosing one statement piece depending on the style and specifically neckline of the dress. You don't want the jewellery to overshadow your dress, but aim to choose accessories that compliment and support the overall look.

bridal jewellery

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bridal jewellery

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Don't shy away from Colours

Try adding a touch of colour, specifically neutral shades. However make sure to avoid overpowering tones and patterns. 

bridal jewellery

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bridal jewellery

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Pearls are always appropriate

Pearl accessories are a classic option that will not have you regretting your fashion choices 20 years from now. Depending on your dress and the overall style, you can go with vintage pieces or ones with more of a contemporary twist. 

bridal jewellery

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bridal jewellery

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Look beyond the conventional white gold and yellow gold Jewellery 

Explore alternative options, specifically rose gold accessories. 

 bridal jewellery

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bridal jewellery

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Just remember it’s your wedding day and it can be easy to get lost in all the commotion. The dress, the bouquet, the jewellery, are simply added accessories for your special day, so make sure to own it and not lose focus on the real accessory standing right beside you!

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