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Looking for some choice new jewellery pieces?  Wondering what the jewellery trends are?  Well here are 7 suggestions from us here at Pica LéLa on what to buy to add sparkle and glam to your day and night wear this season.

1. Asymmetric

Asymmetric is a trend that is here and now and with all of the different styles to choose from, it is a perfect trend to express your individuality.

If you are looking to find some fabulous pieces from this chic trend then look no further than our Dynasty collection.  Dynasty is a subtle yet contemporary collection, finding beauty in asymmetry with designs incorporating irregular shapes, whilst experimenting with different playful designs.  Design detail includes clear crystal and mother of pearl as the underpinning elements.

Check out the range here: 

Cinderella necklace and earrings etihad

Image Above: As seen on Etihad Airways from March 2016.  The Cinderella Necklace & Earring set from the Dynasty Collection.

Shop the necklace here

Shop the earrings here

2. Rose gold everything

As long time advocates of rose gold, we love that this trend looks very much like it’s here to stay.  And why wouldn’t it!?  It is the perfect blush colour that suits all skin tones and with its easy rosy hue, it matches everything.  From haute couture to the high street get your hands on some blush coloured sparkling beauty. Click on the image below to check out our Pinterest board for our picks on everything that is rose gold. 

Pica LeLa Pinterest

3. Feminine Motifs

From pretty bows, to ever so sweet charms, romantic hearts and flowers, feminine motifs are a guilty pleasure for all of us self proclaimed girlie girls.  You really can’t have too many.

Enchanted Juliet Heart Necklace

Shop the Juliet necklace here

Pica LeLa Bow Ribbon Love Necklace

Shop the Ribbon Love necklace here

4. Stacking the Stackable

Whilst barely there jewellery is a spot on trend of the moment, that doesn’t mean you can’t layer it to add that wow factor, stand out from the crowd and make it your own.  From stacking necklaces to rings to bangles, you can mix and match your delicate jewellery to your hearts content.  Looking to learn how to stack beautifully?  Just do a simple search on Pinterest... 


5. Skinny bangle cuffs

Although skinny bangle cuffs are everywhere, the choice of options is endless.  From gemstone and crystal laden to the simple unadorned I love them all.  My personal fave is our Cinderella bangle.

Dynasty Cinderella Bangle

Shop the Cinderella bangle here

 6. Pearl

For past, present and future fashion the pearl never fails.  From runway to high street and red carpet to office chic, choose Pearl as your gemstone of choice for timeless appeal.

Pica LeLa Dynasty Range

7. Statement pieces.

Although the subtle barely there jewellery is also on trend, so too stays the trend of statement pieces.  However, these are best worn with minimalist clothing.  From chandelier earrings to collar necklaces the word here is bold.  Check out our Esmeralda range here for the best of our bold and beautiful looks.  

Esmeralda Necklace





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