The Devil Wears Prada, but what about you and I?

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Monday morning, the most dreaded time of the week, and for all my ladies out there, the time when you are highly considering the possibility of conforming to society’s expectations of being a housewife (I really can’t be the only one).  Once I’ve overcome this moment of weakness, and have removed these ideas from my thoughts, the second thought is coffee, yet even then sometimes coffee is just not strong enough.

For anyone who has ever watched The Devil Wears Prada, the movie explores the journey of Anne Hathaway’s character and the importance of staying true to your own self. Yet there is no denying that her ‘makeover’ really resonates with the notion of dressing the part in order to nail the part, and becoming fully emerged in it.

Changing up your outfits can not only boost your confidence levels but can really drag you out of that Sunday night rut, and those weak moments.  Don’t get me wrong like many of you out there, a black pencil skirt or tailored pants with a button up shirt is my go to outfit. While this is appropriate attire for a workplace, sometimes a touch of colour can make a more impactful statement.  This can include a patterned skirt with a white blouse or accessorizing with statement pieces, be it your new pair of red points, or your newly overpriced designer handbag.

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No matter your style, or your budget you cannot go wrong with statement pieces.  Here are my top 5:

1. This floral patterned skirt from Portmans will make the perfect statement. Pair it with nude heels and your favourite white blouse.

portmans , patterned , floral , skirt

2. This animal print button up shirt from Forever New, will definitely make you stand out. Make sure to wear it with neutral bottoms to avoid the pattern overpowering your whole outfit.

Animal print , shirt , work wear , leopard

 3. This rose gold watch (The Fifth) is a perfect way to make a statement in subtle way. It also comes in two different styles and in black and brown.

watch , rose gold , the fifth , minimal , pink

4. This timeless and subtle necklace from our Dynasty collection here at Pica Lela, is perfect for a more conservative look while maintaining the fun elements of accessorizing with its rose gold pink tones. 

pica lela, rose gold , pearls , pink , minimal , subtle

5. These pair of Wittner shoes, make it worth venturing out of your go to nude and black points. If you aren’t comfortable rocking a pair of bright coloured heels, these are the pair for you.

 wittner , pointy heels , black and white , fashion

Now ladies it’s your turn, go out and find your top 5 statement pieces, and remember your pieces are merely a way to express your individual identity. Whether it's Prada or Target make sure you own it!

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