Fashion Faux Pas or Fashion Forward?

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As I stood in front of my wardrobe this morning, I grabbed my favorite floral skirt and a stripe top.  Next up was my accessories pairing.  Rose gold watch, check.  Silver and rose gold bracelets, check.  Silver earrings, check…or is it a check?  Does all that mixing and matching of prints and metals get a check…or a big fashion faux pas black mark? 


Fashion myths.  Do these still count or should we disregard them?


1. Don’t wear black and blue or black and navy together.

Please.ignore.this.rule.   If feeling a bit tetchy about it, add some colourful accessories such as red lippie and shoes.  Or add some different textures to make your outfit a bit more compelling.

Source: Harper's Bazaar

Source. Pinterest


If Olivia Palermo advocates black and navy, then so do I!


2. Thou shalt not mix your metals.

So you have a brilliant, shimmering white gold engagement and wedding ring set that you plan to wear every day for the rest of your life.  In fact, your recently wed hubbie would be annoyed if you opted to remove just because you feel like today is a gold accessories day.  Or you have an exquisite yellow gold vintage ring handed down to you from your great grandmother.  Does this mean all the accessories that you buy now have to be vintage and yellow gold?  Rubbish.  All you need to do to ensure that mixing your metals work is to make it look intentional and when you are doing it go all out.  Tricolour is on trend now which helps!  Adding some coloured stones to your metal mix looks great too.


3. Less is more for jewellery.

You know the old adage – look in the mirror when you think you are fully ready and then take one thing off before you leave the house.  Silly rule.  I say layer it on!

 Source: Pica LéLa


4. Never mix and match prints.

Fortunately for those of us who have a wardrobe full of crazy prints and designs, (do I even own a plain shirt or blouse in any colour I wonder!?)  mixing prints is on trend right now so go crazy and get all that mis-matching out of your system before becoming matchy matchy is all the rage.  Paisleys and box patterns, polka dots and stripes.  Go mad.

Source: Made by Girl

Source: Pinterest


Source:  Cara Loren


5. Don’t wear heels if you’re tall. Hang on…but heels make your legs look great!  If you are tall and you feel great in heels, then go for it!  Don’t slouch, stand tall and be proud of your height.  Short people everywhere would kill for those legs!

Source: Style Has No Size


So, are you one of those people who follow all the style ‘rules’ of old or do you throw caution to the wind when it comes to personal style and fashion?  I reckon there are no ‘rules’ when it comes to having personal style.  It’s what suits you, your shape, your personality.  Fashionable, fashionably unfashionable.  Whatever works for you, just have fun!

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