How to Pick the Best Jewellery for Your Wedding Day

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You spent countless hours finding the perfect wedding dresses, why not take some time to complete the look with fabulous accessories?

It's always the best to choose your gown first, then to compliment it with your bridal jewellery to complete your look.

Here are some quick tips for you!


Vintage , Classic or Modern?

If you're going for the vintage look, pearl bridal jewellery is a good classic match.

If you have chosen a modern dress, try something colourful with a modern edge.

 Never overdo it if your dress is elaborate, try to keep the jewellery simple and just go for an earring and bracelet set.


Neckline of your Wedding Dress

Pairing your gowns neckline style with the proper adornment can add character to your wedding dress, or even highlight a unique feature. It helps you to decide the size of the jewellery.


Strapless or heart-shaped

Sexy and modern.

A gorgeous choker or a statement necklace will match really well with it.



Whether you opt for a pendant or choker, this style begs for décolletage decoration. A thin chain pendant will be a perfect way to accessorise.


If your dress already has vintage flair, you could create an interesting contrast by taking a more modern approach with your wedding jewellery, like our fashionable fan Elina N. on her wedding day who sent us in a picture of her wearing our Star From The Ocean pendant which we are honoured to say that she chose to wear on her special day.



Colour of your Wedding Dress

Usually silver jewellery or white gold jewellery goes with white dresses and white gold jewellery or rose gold jewellery goes well with ivory dresses.

But it would also be great to try using a meaningful gem like your birthstone, or pick a colour from the flowers in your bridal bouquet.



Change your look by simply mixing your jewellery

You can have a classic look when you walk down the aisle, then change up your jewellery at the reception. Add a few bangles or switch out your elegant pearl studs for statement-making earrings.




The golden rule when choosing bridal jewellery is not to overdo it. If your wedding dress has a lot of lace or heavy embroidery, choose light pieces to compliment it. If you have your heart set on a chunky necklace, skip the armful of bangles and shoulder-grazing earrings.

Order them a month in advance so that you have enough time to try it on with your wedding dress and make sure you have achieved the final look you want.


Pica LéLa jewellery is popular for wedding days because of its fashionable and elegant style.  Which Pica LéLa piece above would you choose?


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