Smart Ways to Prevent Jewellery from Tarnishing

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How to Prevent Jewellery from Tarnishing


What is tarnish?

Have you ever received jewellery that does not look as new and shiny as before just after a short period of time? Tarnish is a layer of corrosion that forms on many metals, particularly sterling silver, as they undergo a chemical reaction with other compounds, especially oxygen and sulfur dioxide. It is usually caused by the way it is used and stored. Here are some tips for you to keep your sterling silver jewellery and gold jewellery. Preventing tarnish on jewellery is far less work than removing it!


1. Cleaning and polishing

    • To prevent body oil and lotion build up on your jewellery, clean and polish and remove all oils from your jewellery with a soft cloth when undressing to keep it looking beautiful.
    • Or wash it in soapy warm water and dry it thoroughly.


    2. Storage
    • Jewellery tarnishes much faster if it’s left out in the open and exposed to oxygen. To avoid this, you may store it in an acid-free, closed container.
    • Avoid leaving your jewellery in direct heat or sunlight or it may fade in colour. Try to keep your jewellery in a protective box or wrap it in a soft cloth.
    • You may store your jewellery in the Pica LéLa Jewellery Gift Box. Or this nice Soft Jewellery Pouch


      3. Avoid exposing to chemicals

        • Avoid your jewellery being in contact with sea salt, chemicals, alcohol, fruit acid, vinegar and chlorine, e.g. swimming pools or hot tubs.
        • Always apply lotions, cosmetics, perfume and hairspray before you put on your jewellery.
        • When cleaning, exercising, gardening or showering, also take your jewellery off to avoid damage to the metal.

        4. Gemstones

          • Coloured gemstones should not be in direct sunlight or the colour of the stone will become dull.
          • Gemstones in contact with bleach, chlorine, hand cream or other harsh chemicals will erode the finish and the polish off the stone.


          5. Pearls

          • Always take off your pearl jewellery before showering, swimming at the beach or getting into a pool as the water will damage the finish.
          • Always clean your pearls with a soft cloth and always apply lotion and hair products first before putting on your pearl jewellery to avoid the acid and oils damaging the product.

            6. Warranty

              • Of course, it also highly depends on the quality of the jewellery. The better the material and plating used, the less likely the jewellery will tarnish in time.
              • Pica LéLa maintains a very high standard on quality control over its products and commits to repair or replace manufacturing faults free of charge up to 5 years from the original date of purchase for necklaces and earrings and 1 year from the original date of purchase for bracelets, rings and other accessories (comparing to only 1 year or no warranty for most of the top brands in the market). To obtain this 5 year international warranty by Pica LéLa, please register as a Pica LéLa member.
                (You must have your receipt as proof of purchase.)

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