Behind The Scenes Photo Shoot with Nina Telickova, Face of Pica LéLa 2014/2015

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Great vibes and energy were felt during our photo shoot with the gorgeous Nina Telickova @thephotostudioglebe, Sydney last week.  In Pica LéLa 2014/2015 we see lots of lavish embellishments, crystals and stones with dominant yet elegant necklaces and lustrous gemstone colours.  Key colours are blues, greens and purples.


Here are some sneaky backstage pics of the wonderful team that we worked with including the to die for hair and make up that was delivered by the fantastic Pernilla Ackerfors, the talented Jude S as photgrapher and the sweetly efficient Creative Director Mar Barahona.  What a chic, cool studio and fabulous crew!

Stepping into the spotlight to showcase our newest collections is Nina Telickova. Nina has been chosen as our model for 2014/2015 and her natural beauty is accentuated by both our delicate and statement pieces alike. Here just getting her hair and make-up finished and featuring the stunning new Esmeralda necklace


Thanks to Nina for her super professional attitude who was very patient with her endless wardrobe and jewellery changes for the shoot...not to mention the very cold concrete floor she spent quite a bit of time posing on in a flimsy dress…in a warehouse…in Winter…thanks Nina!

Pre final set up coffee kick and makeup touch ups!

And finally, capturing the elegance of our Pica LéLa pieces with this shot…

Thanks to everyone @thephotostudioglebe for all of the hard work on the shoot, Nina and everyone at Pica LéLa, especially David Wong who came out to take some Behind The Scenes photos and footage.  Video to follow, watch this space!

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