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Hi Pica LéLa Fans!

So here at Pica LéLa, the online team have decided to be a bit more personal with our online blogs.  I know that I prefer the personal touch from a brand and like to see the people, the faces, the personalities and inside the handbags of those behind the brands that I love – or maybe that’s just me, being nosy.

So here it is.  I am going to introduce myself.

My name is Sarah Lynch and I work as the Senior Manager of Marketing and Business Development here in our head office in Sydney for this wonderful jewellery brand that I have come to love.  Starting off from Uni working for a European office products supplier, I finally managed to make the move into fashion jewellery and fingers crossed I am here to stay, in the colourful and creative world of fashion:-)

So to tell you a little bit about myself.  I am an Irish girl moved to Sydney just 2 years ago and adopted by the Pica LéLa family about 6 months into my move (after a brief stint flash packing up the east coast).  I guess I should provide you with some fun or at least interesting facts about myself!  Let’s give you 5!  1.  I have a weakness for reality T.V. shows – a fact that annoys me, myself and I.  2.  My favorite food is Asian and in particular Japanese, yet I cannot use chopsticks!  3. I have zero memory for books or movies.  Love both however.  Bizarre considering I could memorize and recite children’s books to my family from the age of 3 (I clearly peaked too soon).  4. I love Love LOVE Korean clothes.  I am tall and luckily or at least I think, Korean girls are pretty tall, as all their clothes fit me perfectly.  Yet I have not been to Korea – note to self, add to bucket list for 2015/2016.  5.  I don’t have a favorite colour or number.  However, for some reason, if anybody asks me for one or the other instead of just saying I don’t have one, I make one up.  I think I have said green so many times now I nearly believe it myself.  I’m sure there’s more; I’ll add some more pieces of me along the way.

Through my blog, I hope to bring Sydney and Australian lifestyle and fashion to you, along with providing some glimpses of my travels both at home here in Australia and all over the world with the Pica LéLa family.  I hope to share with you what inspires me from fashion to humor, to music, beauty, humanity and of course, JEWELLERY! 

Lots of love from Down Under,

Sarah xx

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