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Some of the recent highlights of Pica LéLa’s  Sarah Lynch’s Arabian sojourn – itinerary taking in some customer visits, research on local bedouin jewellery and style and of course some downtime to immerse in local Arabian culture.

 ‘The prospect of getting to undertake my first expedition to the Middle East was an exciting one and one which lived up to my expectations in terms of culture, style, infrastructure and ambience.  I particularly enjoyed perusing the many and varied shopping malls and checking out the local Arabian style choices.’

 Seen below, the chain of Karji which boasts an impressive array of jewellery, perfumes and cosmetics.  With numerous stores throughout the UAE, Karji is favoured by the local Arab women for their vast yet distinct and specialized assortment.


A ramble around the Souk Madinat markets is definitely worthwhile  for anybody visiting Dubai.  This traditional Arabian souk or market boasts boutique shopping, mouth watering restaurants, not to mention the beautiful meandering waterways and architecture, built to resemble a historic souk.  A memorable evening was spent discovering it’s hidden treasures.


Seen below some eye catching jewellery designs snapped on my trip.  Many jewellery displays showing exotic and colourful jewellery pieces.  There was a definite tendance towards prominent nature and animal inspired pieces.


And finally some downtime pics.  Featured here a giant game of monopoly being played in the Dubai Mall; http://www.thedubaimall.com/en/


And cooling off from the dessert Summer heat I enjoyed some indoor skiing at Ski Dubai at Mall of the Emirates; http://www.malloftheemirates.com/ski-dubai.aspx 

Looking forward to a repeat expedition where I will hopefully see an expanded display of Pica LéLa and even more customers to visit. 


For now, you can find our Pica LéLa collections in:

Pica LéLa at Gazzaz department stores in Saudi Arabia

Pica LéLa In-flight with Kuwait Airways

Our top selling Forever Springtime necklace on Etihad Airways from November 2014


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