Rachel Green's Best Looks That Are Back in Fashion

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Undoubtedly one of the most influential and beloved ‘90s sitcom, Friends continues to be a show regardless of how many times you have seen, can repeatedly enjoy as much as you did the first time.  With Joey’s famous one liner ‘How you doin’, and  Phoebe’s classic ‘Smelly Cat’ song, every character was loved for their unique personality and quirks. Apart from the unforgettable 'Rachel' cut, Rachel Green played by Jennifer Aniston emerged as a style icon over the years and has had some of the most influential fashion moments.  As we re-watch the show in 2016, it is apparent how many looks of hers, have come back in style. Here are some of her best looks which you may have seen on your favourite runway show or celebrity and may even catch yourself wearing right now.

Crop Tops

crop tops rachel green

Lace up top

lace up top green

Tailored Suit

tailored suit rachel green

Off The Shoulder

off the shoulder rachel green

Crisp White Shirt

white shirt rachel green

Denim Jacket

rachel green denim jacket

Turtle Neck Tops 

turtle neck Rachel Green

Denim Overalls

denim overalls

White Lace Blouse

white blouse

Plaid Flannel Shirt

plaid shirt rachel green

The 'Classic' Black Dress

classic black dress rachel green

High Waisted Jeans 

High Waisted Skirt 

high waisted skirt rachel green

Thigh High Split Dress

rachel green black dress

White Sneakers 

rachel green white sneakers

 Plaid Skirt 

plaid skirt rachel green

Spaghetti Strap Dress with Shirt Under 


The 'Triangle Cut' Dress 

rachel green triangle cut dres

With a show that continues to have impact 12 years later, it is it is clear to see the extent of Friends' influence. In particular a number of Rachel Green's style choices have re-emerged as key fashion trends and we await to see what other styles will re-emerge in the future. 

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