8 Great Reasons to Work in the Jewellery Industry

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Maybe I’m having a good work day or maybe it’s just a fantastic industry to work in but I thought I would give you some great reasons to work in the jewellery industry.  In case you were thinking about it!

1. There are so many different areas of specialization for you to explore.  From  jewellery design, production, repair, to sales & marketing, photography, gemology & retailing.  So if you are interested in navigating your way into the jewellery or fashion market, there are lots of interesting avenues for you to explore.  Or maybe you already work within the industry and you want to try something new!

Jewellery production pica lela

2. It’s a dynamic industry that is constantly evolving. It really is ‘fast fashion’ these days as consumers constantly look for new and exciting ways to wear their clothes and jewellery.  No rest for the wicked as we continuously strive to answer our consumer’s needs. 

3. For all of you budding fashionistas out there, you can be a part of the fashion industry and not just for play but for work and get paid for it! Not that it’s all reading Vogue and researching fashion trends, but that plays a part;-). 

Pica LeLa Dynasty Jewellery

4. We get to work with beautiful things every day. That has to help right?

5. Have a creative streak? Like designing or drawing?  Then work as a designer and get to see your real designs brought to life!  Here’s Maggie our In-flight Director getting to put her creative skills to work.  In fact, the whole team gets in on the design process and our Pica LéLa designs are often a team effort.

Pica LeLa Team

6. If you’re a people person then this industry is a great way to meet and interact with people from all over the world. Whether you’re a retailer or work in sales, marketing or design then you won’t be bored of seeing similar faces everyday!  What’s more, a lot of roles in jewellery involve travelling, whether to exhibitions or trade fairs, visiting customers or sourcing materials.

7. Like to provide happiness to others? What better way than by selling romance and tokens of friendship through beautiful jewellery.  Witness the gift of love every day.

Pica LeLa Jewellery

8. One word, ‘discount’. I can’t guarantee it but you may very well get to purchase beautiful bling at a nice employee discount price so if you’re a magpie like me with an eye for sparkle then this may be the industry for you!

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