My 5 Best Styling Apps for 2015

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1. Stylect – Find your perfect shoes!

And who doesn’t need that in their lives!?  Stylect has a ‘hot or not’ interface and once you ‘heart’ or ‘hot’ some of your fave shoes then the app will begin recommending shoes more in line with your personal style.

Some good things about this app -

  • Once shoes are added to your wish list you will be notified if they go on sale
  • You don’t need to set up a profile to browse
  • Lots of filters such as by shoe type, colour, size, top retailers and discount only shoes
  • International shipping and currency conversions

Pica LéLa rating: 4/5

2. Keep Shopping – Universal shopping cart

You can browse Keep’s trending products or browse the entire web and add any product from any store to your shopping bag or wish list.

Some good things –

  • You don’t need to sign up to browse
  • Trending feature
  • Sales category which gives you sales alerts
  • Price alerts on price drops for your wish list items
  • You can follow Keep people and see what they are loving right now and buy for yourself

Pica LéLa rating: 3/5

3. Cloth – Virtual wardrobe app.  Manage what’s in your closet.  An easy way to categorize your clothes if you don’t have time to browse – or have too many clothes to browse!

Some good things –

  • Good way to keep a catalog of your clothes
  • Tag weather conditions for different outfits and then get recommendations of outfit options for different weather days later
  • Search other public users and get real time street style ideas

Pica LéLa rating: 3.5/5

4. The Hunt - Get help from other fashionistas with tracking down items that you have found and want.

Some ace things you can do on the app  -

  • START a Hunt: Post a photo of anything you love like beauty, celeb outfits and more. The community will help you find where to buy it.
  • SOLVE a Hunt: Use your savvy shopping skills to help someone else find their must have trends.
  • POLL the community: Ask which to wear or which to buy and let the community weigh in on your style decisions.
  • VOTE: Lend your style advice to the rest of the community by voting on polls.
  • BROWSE: Discover tutorials, fall clothes, beauty blogs and more.
  • SHOP: Buy anything you find on The Hunt and save products to your wish list for later

Pica LéLa rating: 4 /5

5. Fitbay - Find new outfits and style inspirations

Some good things –

  • Good way to keep a catalog of your clothes with daily snaps
  • Share your outfits with others and get good fashion karma!
  • Tag the brands you love and see the clothes others have tagged to help you find them
  • Connect with people with similar body shapes and style…or just your aspirational style to give you a little helping hand
  • Include personal details such as height, weight, body shape and Fitbay provides you with suggested people to follow

Pica LéLa rating: 3.5/5

Now happy browsing and styling Pica LéLa fans:-)

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