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Need some styling advice for that shopping spree?  Here are 9 tips from us here at Pica LéLa.

1.  Invest in timeless pieces. Don’t spend all your money on trends.  If you are spending a lot of money then don’t spend it on what may be an 'on one month, off the next' trend, spend on items like classic coats and handbags that will last you a lifetime.

2.  Take inspiration from your emotions and how your clothes make you feel. If you see something that makes you instantly happy then go with it.  A happy girl makes for a beautiful girl, right!? 

3.  Highlight your strengths. Suit your body shape and trust your instinct.  If you don’t like what you see when you look in the mirror, don’t buy it and wear it just because it’s the style of the moment.

4.  Be comfortable.  And yes you can be comfortable AND be stylish.  Think boyfriend jumpers, shirt dresses, brogues.  You can always dress a comfortable look up with stylish accessories

5.  Buy good fitting jeans. A pair of great fitting jeans will look fab and make you feel amazing no matter what you pair with them. 

6.  Stock up on basics that you can easily match. A good fitting white vest top or t-shirt will look great with jeans, high waisted skirts, over leggings, leather shorts, you name it.  Add your personal signature by accessorizing with some trendy chains for example.

7.  Stay clear of buying items that you plan to wear in 3 months after your next diet. We’ve all done it and know it’s a waste of money.  No  ‘I will wear it One Day’ purchases.

8.  Don’t want to spend twice the cost of your new blouse on dry cleaning? Hate hand washing?  Check the wash instructions before you purchase.  I know I for one have too many much loved items that I rarely wear because I absolutely loathe hand washing!

9.  Dress to fit your lifestyle. Travel a lot?  Maybe stay away from linen if you don’t want to have to call for room service to bring you an iron every time you check into a hotel.

That's just a few quick tips from the team here at Pica LéLa.  And maybe one last one - have fun with fashion.  It's not meant to be a chore;-)


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