A How To Guide For Men on Choosing Women’s Jewellery.

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Here it is guys, the How To Guide on choosing jewellery for that special lady in your life.  Whether that’s a wife, girlfriend, friend, your sister or your mom! 

First things first, Be Thoughtful.  Don’t just rush out and pick up the first thing you see, or choose something really expensive because of course she’ll like it then, right?  Not necessarily.  Do a little research in advance.  The pay off will be worth it.  I’ll make it like a step by step…

Step 1.  Get the basics right.  Does she have her ears pierced?  No, then don’t buy earrings.  Thinking to buy a ring?  Unless it’s your sister or mother or she’s already your wife then I suggest NOT to go down the ring route.  Rings have a loaded meaning.  You may find that she will either run away or already be hearing wedding bells ringing as soon as you produce that ring shaped box.

Step 2.  Have you noticed the style of jewellery that she wears or has pointed out in stores?  Whether she prefers dainty or statement jewellery?  Likes coloured stones or not?  If you haven’t a notion then skip immediately to Step 3.

Step 3.   No clues from Step 2.  Then I recommend you get snooping!  I wouldn’t usually suggest this but I think the thoughtfulness behind the action should allow it.  Check her jewellery box and find out the following.

A. Check her jewellery metal preference. Yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold….

B. Colour of her jewellery. Is it all plain or feature coloured stones?  Any trend on particular colours suggesting a preference for certain ones?

C. Dainty or statement?

D. See anything that would provide a good idea for complementary pairing? For example, if you see pearl earrings, then a matching elegant pearl necklace might be nice.


E. Think of her lifestyle or personality. For example, if she is a romantic then some heart shaped jewellery might make her swoon.  If she tends towards being rather more conservative, then classic jewellery items such as a simple drop pendant might do the trick.

Step 4.  Now that you have a general idea on what she would like, then it’s time to get shopping! So here’s the next tip.  Know your budget.  Especially noteworthy if you are shopping in-store so a salesperson doesn’t sniff out that you have zero idea on what to buy & how much to spend and usher you to the most expensive and probably most inappropriate item in the shop!  Costume jewellery is often a great gift option too in today’s world where women shop a lot more and therefore need a greater quantity of jewellery to match their growing wardrobes.

Step 5.  Ensure that you choose jewellery with nice packaging to present your special gift.  Check for a returns policy and good after sales service also. I’m sure that you did a great job in choosing your jewellery piece…but it’s always good to have ease of mind just in case! (If you are wondering, here at Pica LéLa we offer a fantastic after sales service with up to a 5 year international warranty!!)  

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