Rose Gold Everything: The A-Z of Rose Gold

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It started with watches and jewellery but now the Rose Gold obsession is EVERYWHERE!  It’s Rose Gold Everything.

There are so many reasons that the rose gold phenomenon has taken the fashion world by storm.  Most people are rocking something in Rose Gold.  It’s just effortless chic.  Rose Gold is the perfect shade in everything.  It’s feminine.  It’s romantic.  It’s good for all season wear.  It offsets the Winter blues and celebrates the blossom of Springtime.  It works on both fair and dark skin tones and is perfect if you want a versatile metal.  From clothes to textiles, from nail polish to shoes, and most recently, hair.  In fact, here’s the A-Z of what is the here and now of Rose Gold.

A for Accessories.  Bags, clutches, belts, you name it.  There’s a beautiful accessory in Rose Gold with your name on it somewhere.

B for Bracelet.  Look no more.  The Pica LéLa Spark bracelet exudes the femininity and elegance of Rose Gold jewellery like no other.

C for CZ.  Pair Rose Gold with Cubic Zirconia clear crystals. Blushing and sparkling.  The perfect pairing.

D for Décor.  Rose Gold décor.  Really?  Yes, it’s everywhere if you start paying attention.

E for Engagement rings.  It’s a celebrity trend.  Check out Blake Lively’s engagement ring which features a light pink oval-cut diamond, set into a double band of delicate rose gold. 


F for Flats.  Bring out your girly side.  Perfect for a chic casual daytime look.

G for Gifts.  Need to buy that special someone a gift?  Not sure whether she likes silver or gold?  Think no more, rose gold suits all skin tones.

H for Hair.  It might sound ridiculous to extend the current metallic colour trend to hair but check out these amazing locks below and you might change your mind.

Source: Pinterest

I for iPhone 6.  When choosing an iPhone 6, did any girl choose the silver over Rose Gold?  Nope, I don’t think so.  I certainly didn’t.

J for Jewellery.  Back to basics and where it all began.  Here at Pica Léla we have loved this feminine chic tone since the beginning. 

K for Kitchen Accessories.  Think place mats, cake trays, toast racks.  A step too far?  Never!

L for Luggage.  Or Leather.  Or Leather Luggage.

M for Make-up.  Again, just like jewellery, it looks good on any skin tone.  Add Rose Gold tones to your make-up for a subtle rosy glow or a shimmering sparkly finish to your party look.  Need a tutorial?  No problem, check out Urban Decay’s Naked tutorial on You Tube for a great lesson on how best to apply those rose gold tones

N for Nails. To match the Rose Gold hues of your favorite Rose Gold Ring.

Source: Pinterest

O for Opal.  Rose gold is a stunning setting for this cherished gemstone.  Just check out rose gold opal on Pinterest and you will see what I mean!

P for Pendant or Pearl or even better both!  Check out our latest Dynasty collection for some gorgeous combinations of Pearl and Rose Gold.  Mix n’ match to find your perfect set.

Q for Quotes. 

R for Ring.  Sweet Duchess from the Pica LéLa Dynasty collection.  The video says it all.

S for Studs.  And for Sweet Duchess.  I mean you have to match your ring right?

T for Textiles.  Think cushions and lampshades for that feminine homely touch.

W for Watch.  Where it all began?  My first rose gold love was for Michael Kors Rose Gold watches.

Y for Yellow Gold.  Because it matches Yellow Gold.  And everything else.

Z for Zips.  Yes Zips.  Next time that zip breaks.  Replace it with rose gold!

So, that’s it, my A-Z on Rose Gold Everything.  So what’s on your Rose Gold wish list?

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