The 3 jewellery pieces you need for this season

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Dainty necklace

Over the last couple of seasons we have seen jewellery become smaller, finer, more delicate with a move away from the chunkier style to the more personal, which tends to be more simple and delicate. Dainty necklaces have always been a fashion classic, but the recent layering of these beauties is getting more and more popular. This trend is romantic, sweet and feminine. Rose gold necklaces or silver necklaces are the best to layer since they are shiny and classic.


Statement solid bracelets- rose gold & silver

Statement bracelets and bangles are all here to stay this year. Bold and beautiful, these bracelets are the cherry on top to a simple outfit, given its structural shapes and sensual solid colors.



Playful PEARLS

Pearls possess a kind of subtle yet striking beauty; they are the gift from the ocean, a delicious combination of spirit and elegance. Pearls contain all the elements of romanticism and as a single gem on pieces like rings, necklace and earrings; they are cute to the core.

So are you ready for the modern Jewellery trends?

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