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Hi Pica LéLa fans!

As a devoted lover of fashion and a member of our online social media team, I am very excited to both introduce and share with you the latest and greatest fashion and jewellery trends around the world.   

My name is Serena Wang and I was born in china, making the exciting move to Australia to study my Masters degree in 2005.  I have been lucky enough to stay in this wonderful jewellery brand since 2009, working as a team leader in product management and operations whilst indulging my love of fashion with a side step into the online team! I must say that there is never a dull moment working here at Pica LéLa and as I work closely with both the sales and marketing team and the operational team, we always share a joke amongst the madness!

I can’t leave out that I am also a mother of two beautiful children who bring immense joy to my life. My eldest daughter is 4 and a half, and my little daughter is just 2 and a half years old.  As you can imagine, between work and home life, there is never a dull moment in my life…or a quiet one!

I love fashion and beauty and often immerse myself in what is going on in the fashion, design, and lifestyle world around me.  Like many women I adore shopping and I always get inspired by people I see on the street every day and love people watching for the different styles that I encounter.  With any spare time I also love looking at blogs and fashion news and am often found trawling online for the latest industry trends.  I think that is why I have found myself nominated to the online team here at Pica LéLa!

Through my blog, I hope I can be a source of inspiration and fashion ideas to you, and most importantly, I will bring you the latest Pica LéLa collections and designs as they are unveiled.  We wish to offer you a memorable brand experience and I am keeping my fingers crossed that our beloved brand will become your favourite fashion jewellery brand.

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