The Rose Gold Phenomenon – Are you on trend?

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For any of you not familiar with rose gold, rose gold, sometimes referred to as pink gold, is a mix between traditional yellow gold, alloyed with copper.

The first fashionistas to sport rose gold was way back during the 19th century by the Russians and it thus became known at the time as Russian gold. During the 1920’s, rose gold popularity picked up pace with Cartier’s introduction of its “Trinity” ring.  However, rose gold folded back from the lime light during the 90’s where black, white and minimalism took reign.

Cartier Trinity Ring


During World War II, the use of platinum was restricted  and gold became once again the precious metal of choice.  Since then, the regard for rose gold has been a notable one and for good reason and is reinforced in fashion’s haute couture with Dior, Cartier, Bvlgari and Chanel all showing a penchant for rose gold.

Dior Rose Ring

Bvlgari Rose Ring


Celebrities too are highlighting their love of this blushing tone particularly when it comes to engagement rings!

Blake Lively’s engagement ring features a light pink oval-cut diamond, set into a double band of delicate rose gold. However, Blake’s not the only former Gossip Girl who’s a rose gold fan. Leighton Meester, who recently wed  The OC star Adam Brody, wears a bezel-set cushion-cut diamond on a thin rose gold band.

While Katie Holmes, the Dawson Creek star’s engagement ring was one of our favorite celebrity styles. Katie’s center diamond, a gorgeous oval-cut, was set in a rose gold head and adorned with pavé diamonds.

Here are some reason’s that we love rose gold here at Pica LéLa

Firstly, rose gold looks amazing on just about all skin types and is easy to match style wise as rose gold’s muted tones complement any outfit.  Secondly, rose gold has a feminine quality about it and adds a beautiful feminine touch to any outfit.  Rose gold definitely has that air of romantic elegance to it. 

Also, rose gold looks fabulous with coloured gemstones.

Esmeralda hero piece from our Esmeralda collection


And what's more and also right on trend right now, rose gold definitely has that vintage edge.

Maia from our Victoria collection


Rose gold, although popular, is still heralded as been exclusive and I guess that’s because it’s not that easy to find amongst jewelers.  Never fear however, Pica LéLa are here and have been advocates of rose gold since the beginning! For your rose gold fix, see just about any of our collections, with our most popular rose gold pieces found in our Esmeralda and Blossom collections. Get your rose gold fix now! 



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