Fashion Jewellery Trend 2014

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Now beginning to be endorsed by some of the great brand names, the popularity of rose gold is picking up pace this year.  Notably popular in the watch category over previous years, popularity is now flowing through to jewellery in all markets.  Pica LéLa has long been an advocate of rose gold and remains steadfastly impassioned about this delicate feminine tone in 2014 with its brand new Esmeralda collection. 


Esmeralda collection

The Pica LéLa 2014 focus and theme is distinguishable by its lavish embellishments, crystals and stones which both mirrors the 2014 trend and answers to regional demand, particularly in the Middle East and Asia which are requesting more dominant pieces, large stones and brilliant, lustrous gemstone colours.  Pica LéLa have embraced Pantones top colour picks for 2014 in the generation of their new collection with hemlock green, dazzling blue, and fiery orange tonal influences. This vibrant palette is then balanced with neutral soothing rose pink hues and tones.  Comprised of dominant necklaces and complemented by an exquisite array of matching earrings, bracelets and rings, it makes for a dazzling collection of statement pieces that exude feminine confidence and demand attention.

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