Top 10 Winter Essentials

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Save your time, quit moping and accept it, winter is coming, and here at Pica LéLa we have just the cure.  As the temperature falls and waking up each morning gets harder, your wardrobe must be equipped with all of the essentials and this is why we have created a top 10 must haves to prepare you for the weather change.

1. Skinny Jeans - A good pair of jeans is a must have regardless of the season.  For winter aim for a dark pair, they are more versatile and can be dressed down or up.  

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 2. Leather Jacket - Possibly one of the best investments you can make for your wardrobe. Not only is it stylish but it becomes your best friend on those super cold winter days.

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3. Ankle Boots - Trust me ladies, I can only wear heels for a short period of time too but find the right ones for you because once you do, you won’t take them off.

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4. Thigh High Boots - Like every girl after watching Pretty Women, my obsession with thigh high boots started - Maybe Richard Gere had something to do it- regardless, every girl should own a pair.

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5. Statement Coat - As it gets colder and especially on those gloomy and rainy days, our wardrobe unconsciously reflects the weather. This is why a statement and bold coat is perfect for those days. It requires little effort on your part, and will dress up your whole outfit.  

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6. ‘The’ Jumper- You know that one that you practically live in all winter-  your go-to cosy, over-sized jumper that matches with possibly every single item in your wardrobe. You can wear it with tights for a movie night or black jeans and ankle boots for dinner with your friends. Every girl needs that jumper in her life – trust me.

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7. Cashmere Sweater - Cashmere Sweaters are perfect for layering with a button up shirt or to wear under jackets. I would suggest buying in a couple of different colours, once you find the right one for you.  

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8. White Button up shirt - Like Cashmere sweaters they are essential for layering. Plus, it is such a classic work wear item that it can be worn during any season.

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9. Winter Accessories - You cannot forget accessories, and in winter accessorizing is essential for layering. This can mean your favorite chunky scarf or even a statement necklace to wear with your cashmere sweater and White Button up shirt.

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10. Lip Balm - Finally, chapped and dry lips are the last things you want to worry about in winter. I mean we barely have control over the way our hair reacts to rain, but if your lips are dry, it is nothing a little Papaw can’t fix.

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Comment below on your top essentials and hopefully these will inspire warmth back into your wardrobe this winter! 

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