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With the onset of Summer I feel like I am surrounded by challenges to take, usually around the theme of getting fit for Summer. For us in Sydney and the Southern Hemisphere it’s beach season so it’s a 30 Days Abs Challenge here and a 30 Days Squat Challenge there and 30 Days of this, that and the other which I know SHOULD motivate me BUT I am not sure it does. Well maybe until day 5 or 6 and then I realize that it’s getting in the way of my socializing and silly season. So I have decided that instead I will treat myself to a 30 Days of ME challenge…which if you wish to join me, can become a 30 Days of YOU challenge.

What I am proposing is that you take 30 minutes of your time each day to do something for you, that motivates you, that makes you feel good. So the drawback here is, most people probably struggle to find an extra 30 minutes in each day. So the give is that you may need to get up 30 minutes early to accomplish it. Have most of you stopped reading here!? Well if not, I suggest you can also use your lunchtime or if you are lucky and have 30 minutes at 3pm then go for it!

The good thing for me is that I can make this up as I go along as it really just requires spending 30 minutes each day of doing something that motivates ME, elevates MY mood and makes ME happy. So although these might all seem like great ideas to me this may not translate to everybody else. So you can pick and choose some of mine and then create some of your own. Also, as this is the 30 Days of Me challenge then I might swap the days around according to that day’s preference.

Day 1: Go for a run. It really does get my day off to an amazing start. Maybe not as I’m getting out of bed, but by the time I have finished, showered and am strolling to work I feel amazing. Here comes a guilt free day of eating and getting to plan my evening without the guilt of thinking I should try to fit in some exercise.

Day 2: Homemade breakfast. Just get up 30 minutes early. It won’t kill you. And guess what, you get to be rewarded with a home cooked brekkie.

Day 3: Meet your bestie for an early morning coffee. Nothing like some belly aches and giggles with your girlfriend to put a smile on your face to start the day.

Day 4: Listen to music. Sitting down, running, walking, wherever. Or opt to jump around your room yelling (or lip syncing) to your fave tunes.

Day 5: Do something NEW! Anything, this one’s on you.

Day 6: Get creative. Been planning on taking up photography, drawing, knitting, writing? Put aside some time to get started and map out a plan.

Day 7: Plan that vacay. I can’t think of a better way to spend some time than planning my next holiday.

Day 8: Help others. Have you scurried past the same homeless person every day for the last 30 thinking if you had a spare few minutes you would go and buy them a hot meal? I know I’ve done that.   Well pick a day and do it.

Day 9: Been cringing at your mirror’s reflection every morning for the last month whilst promising yourself that facial. This is the day. Do it! If you don’t want to spend the dollars, why not indulge in a home facial.

Day 10: Take a 30 minute nap. At the park during lunch, when you get home after work…whenever you can fit it in. You’ll re-energize and be more alert for the rest of your day.

Day 11: Walk a different way to work. Open your eyes, see some newness around you, find a new coffee place, see a different view.

Day 12: Read the news. Do you tend to spend your minutes eating your brekkie on social media? Me too. See what’s happening in the world. It is in fact actually more interesting!

Day 13: Read a book.  

Day 14: Meditate (actually this isn’t a very me thing to do but I’ll give it a whirl).

Day 15: Write a blog post. Ha so that’s day 1 sorted for me.

Day 16: Get those niggly admin things done. We all do it. We put off making this appointment, paying that bill, doing that 1 domestic chore that you hate.   How much better would you feel getting to work and realizing you finally have that checked off your to do list!?

Day 17: Bake something. Some things do only take 30 minutes. Think banana bread, chocolate biscuit cake. Yum.

Day 18: Do your nails. Trying to get 30 minutes of time that you have nothing to do but wave your hands around. Easier said than done on most days. Maybe even stop at a salon and get them professionally done. That way they might last a while!

Day 19: Phone a friend. Catch up with someone who you have been meaning to talk to for a while.

Day 20: Prep the following day’s meals. Then when you wake up you can hit that snooze button a couple more times or use the time to do something else productive.

Day 21: Lie in the sun. Soak up that much needed Vitamin D.  

Day 22: Take a relaxing bath. Use some essential oils and let the stress wash away.

Day 23: Take a scenic car drive. See somewhere new. Drive for the fun of it and not because you need to get somewhere.

Day 24: Go to bed 30 minutes earlier. Feel more refreshed the next day.

Day 25: People watch. Grab a coffee and sit somewhere busy. It’s fun!


Day 26: Walk somewhere instead of using public transport. Get some exercise, save some pennies, have some reflection time.

Day 27: Get a blow dry. Sometimes it’s just nice to have somebody else wash your hair. Plus it’s always nice to have that just out of the hair salon feeling. Maybe do this on a day that you have somewhere to go…and not just home to watch TV!

Day 28: Make a photo collage. This might take more than 30 minutes so you might need to stagger this chore but I know I have so many amazing photos from past experiences that I would love to print off and get to look at every day.

Day 29: It’s Summer time. Enjoy it with some refreshing ice-cream. Choose a really hot day and grab some for everybody in the office.

Day 30: Choose your fave 30 minutes from the above and repeat:-)



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