My 10 Best Dressed from The Met Gala New York 2015

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My Facebook Newsfeed has been taken over with pictures from the Met Gala New York this week.  Popularly renowned for being the fashion gala of the year.  2015 and it has lived up to expectations.  From the barely there looks of Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez to the extra limbs afforded by FKA Twig’s gown to the outrageous or should I say interesting ‘style’ of Sarah Jessica Parker's headpiece.

The theme of the event was ‘China: Through the Looking Glass.’ What does Through the Looking Glass mean and who best interpreted the theme and still fielded high in the fashion stakes?  The focus was on the exploration of the impact of Chinese imagery on Western culture and how China has influenced fashion and the creative imagination throughout the years, highlighting Western interpretation of Chinese fashion, imagery and beauty. 

Another obvious association is with Alice in Wonderland and mirrored reflections – perhaps seeking out the meaning on the other side of the glass or world? How China views the West and how the West views China and through the different medium of fashion, art, culture and film.  When things get turned around and you look at things through another culture’s eyes perhaps.

So what did all the celebs make of this theme and how did they interpret?  There were some obvious nods to Chinese culture with kimono style dresses and an abundance of red, the colour of good fortune and joy in China. 

So enough analysis of the theme and dissecting how the stylists and celebs interpreted it.  Here is my 10 Best Of list for the 2015 gala dresses.  Sorry guys, I didn’t analyze the tuxes or suits!

  1. Best and most unique homage to Chinese culture

Ivanka Trump in Prabal Gurung whose dress imitated the famous Ming-floral vase sculpture as exhibited in the great hall of the Met.

  1. Best ‘I would actually wear this dress’.

Amanda Seyfried in Givenchy Haute Couture.  The colour of mourning in China so maybe not the best colour choice but pretty dress all the same.


  1. Best red dress.

Rose Byrne in Calvin Klein Collection.  Red symbolizes good luck and prosperity in Chinese culture so that’s a nod to the theme I guess.  Or is she wearing it because it’s the colour shade of the year, Marsala?  Hmm, who knows.  Either way, I want it.

 4. Best elaborative dress.

Rihanna in Guo Pei.  This one will go down in history.

  1. Best blend of Western and Chinese fashion.

Poppy Delevingne in Marchesa.  Well done for finding the balance between adhering to the theme and remaining fashionable. China is a culture infused with flowers, red is the colour symbol of luck and prosperity and this particular shade is the 2015 colour of the year.  #winning!


  1. Best simply elegant look

Bee Shaffer in Alexander McQueen


  1. Best high street label dress.

Emily Ratajkowski in Topshop. 


  1. Best effect dress.

Kate Hudson in Michael Kors.  Gold leaf or foil effect.  Yellow or gold is one of the most beautiful colours according to Chinese culture.  It was the colour of Imperial China and a symbolic colour of the 5 legendary emperors of ancient China.  Do we think that is why she chose that dress!?

  1. Best ‘I am going to ignore the Gala Theme and just wear what I want dress.’

Keri Russell in Altuzarra.  Is she paying homage to the Chinese Phoenix or Chinese Fenghuang with all of the feathers.  They aren't colourful enough.  I don’t think so…


10. Best ‘I’m confused and can’t decipher how they interpreted the theme’ dress.

Solange dress by Gilles Deacon.  A nod to Chinese culture with the fan shape perhaps…?  As I said, I’m confused.


I myself prefer the understated elegance of Rose Byrne and Bee Shaffer.  However, these subtle nods to the theme are probably not getting the headlines generated by the more daring or outrageous outfits.  

So which do you prefer?

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